The original diaper was of linen, and based on the 5-end sateen weave, woven on the damask principle. The cloth has a smooth, even surface. M shows one form of diaper design, but the design N based on the 8-end sateen, shows the correct method of producing these effects. Cotton diapers are now made and used for towels. Two or three-fold warp is usual, such as 2/16's, 3/24's, with 8's weft. In the cheaper qualities a single yarn 16's is used. The term is also applied to pattern and indicates rectangular shapes either uniform or varied in size and shape and repeated all over the fabric. Diapers like huckabacks are very ancient. They are largely used for toilet purposes. The following are fairly standard: - 3 shaft, 1,200 set X 13 shots, 40's/45's linen. 4 shaft, 1,400 set X 14 shots, 50's/50's linen. 5 shaft, 1,500 set X 15 shots, 40's/45's linen

Dictionary of the English textile terms. 2014.

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